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Vintage Park Assisted Living Communities provides quality care and services for an all-inclusive price. Eighteen award winning communities to choose from in Kansas.

Learn More About Healthy Aging And Assisted Living

Check out these links from around the web for information on heart-healthy eating, promoting better brain function, coping with the loss of a spouse, and staying in touch with your family after moving into an assisted living community. Give Vintage Park Assisted Living Communities a call at one of our 18 locations for more information on our services. · Explore this article to learn which foods promote heart health. · Check out this link from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for tips on choosing whole grains. · Learn which foods can help support cardiovascular ...

Three Tips for Coping with the Loss of a Spouse

Dealing with the loss of a spouse is often one of the most difficult experiences most people will deal with over the course of their lives. In addition to adjusting to the financial and housing changes associated with losing a spouse, many struggle to cope with the overwhelming feelings of loss and abandonment. Let Yourself Feel A number of individuals assume that ignoring the pain and staying strong will help expedite the emotional healing process. However, ignoring feelings of anger, depression, and grief will only make it more difficult for you to find acceptance and peace later on. For ...

Healthy Foods for Your Heart

Many people worry about the health of their hearts as they grow older. However, following a healthy diet is a great way to promote overall heart health at any age. This video examines which foods can promote a healthy heart. Oatmeal is a great heart-healthy food, as it contains soluble fiber that has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease. Salmon, avocados, nuts, and olive oil are also great food sources, as they contain high amounts of omega-3. Do you struggle to prepare healthy meals on your own? Learn about the assisted living services offered at Vintage Park Assisted Living ...

Activities to Keep Your Mind Sharp from Vintage Park Assisted Living

It’s no surprise that brain function begins to decline as you age, increasing the chances of memory impairment and other changes in cognitive ability. However, there are a number of steps you can take to keep your mind sharp once you enter your 60’s: Read Every Day Reading is not only a great way to have fun in your spare time, but it also stimulates your mind, ultimately improving brain function and protecting against cognitive decline. This is because your brain still maintains the ability to adapt, rewire itself, and grow new neurons even as you grow older. In fact, most mental ...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Vintage Park Assisted Living Communities ! We hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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